Compact jacket style

All-around compact jacket which fits both pants-style and skirt style. It unfolds with 2 print of stripe that can emphasize gingham check and vertical line like this year. Pants use nice wrinkle-resistant material in office-style. Bamboo background of seasonal face of this year is check required, too.

Drop sleeve setup

Set up-style of design tops of volume sleeve. Because there is design like this year, in simple style, styling updates at a stretch. As blouse makes hem longish over the back, pants style looks good. We add necklace using feather motif and upload trendy feeling.

Summer knit

Summer knit which has a feeling of refreshing cleanliness and flexible drape characteristics by light car. We play an active part for air conditioner measures of seasonal working woman in the future. Pullover gives translucency to sleeve part and creates femininity.

Print dress

Trend of this season, dress of flower print. We use material of nice hand-washing possibility in summer. Haori performs jacket and styling of cardigan with feeling properly and can wear regardless of ON/OFF.

Satin setup

Set up using feeling of omission noarukireime material. By sleeve of cape type, we cover curious part of woman and can dress well clearly.

※All the shoes are reference products. Accessory bag is sale product, but please note that it may be out of stock because number is limited. For more details, ask to salesperson.
Please note that color taste, design of image may be a little different from real product.

SOFuOL size list

SOFuOL supports wide size. SOFuOL supports wide size.



SOFUOL (SOFuOL) made its debut in 2000 to be in brand name to mean "refined life-sized working woman" to support working woman to "want to try both work and fashion hard!". Style doing work changes, but performs "product development that let you reflect voice of working woman" including conduct of en quete.